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#41 6 / 3 146p
58 FPS
1.0 hours


2xCity Under Siege
1xAlaskan Oil Spill
1xHammer and Sickle
1xIsle of War
1xMay Day
1xOfficial Tournament Map B
1xRiver Rampage
1xSovereign Land
1xThe Path More Traveled By
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
1332IraqeddWIraqblindtankL06:00River Rampage04:56 12-07-201858P
1331IraqeddLIraqblindtankW07:11Hammer and Sickle04:50 12-07-201858P
1330IraqeddW+30IraqblindtankL-907:43Heartland04:42 12-07-201858P
1329IraqeddL-12IraqblindtankW+3802:52Official Tournament Map B04:34 12-07-201857P
1328IraqeddL-14IraqblindtankW+4305:44City Under Siege04:31 12-07-201857P
1327IraqeddW+23IraqblindtankL-105:41Alaskan Oil Spill04:25 12-07-201858P
1326IraqeddW+25IraqblindtankL-106:53Isle of War04:19 12-07-201859P
1325IraqeddW+28IraqblindtankL-103:00Sovereign Land04:12 12-07-201859P
1324IraqeddW+31IraqblindtankL-102:40City Under Siege04:08 12-07-201858P
1143IraqeddW+35IraqblindtankL-304:54The Path More Traveled By20:49 10-07-201859P
1142IraqeddLIraqblindtankW+3210:14May Day20:43 10-07-201859P

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